HZL is the duo of Jesse Kudler and Tim Albro.
Full bio and photos here.

Tim Albro - electronics, radio, guitar
Jesse Kudler - guitar, electronics, synthesizer

For performance info, see the shows page.

"Ayes" info


"Ayes" Track 1 Excerpt [4.2 MB]
"Ayes" Track 3 Excerpt [3.8 MB]

Studio Outtake [6.5 MB]
Studio Outtake 2 [5.8 MB]

HZL live at The Red Room, Baltimore, 3/11/06 [12.7 MB]

HZL - live, 1/27/06 [12.6 MB]
HZL with Jack Wright and Stephen Hastings-King - live, 1/27/06 [23.5 MB]

[1/27/06 recorded by Eugene Lew]

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