[if possible, i recommend listening to these in stereo and on somewhat decent speakers;
they will sound much better]

Recommended full pieces from around the web:

Tim Albro/Jesse Kudler/Ian M. Fraser:
live at fotofono (multi-track recording of full performance)

Jesse Kudler/Ian M. Fraser:
"getting love from all the wrong places"

Tim Albro/Bonnie Jones/Jesse Kudler/Howard Stelzer:
"the 'd' in date and the 'g' in gate"

Scenic Railroads (Mike Shiflet and Joe Panzner), Chandan Narayan, Chuck Sipperley, Jesse Kudler :
Joe's basement, 8/24/11

Jesse Kudler/Mike Shiflet:
Live on KUSF, 8/23/10

Jesse Kudler/Jason Talbot:
Full performance from 12/16/07 (incorrect date on link)

solo web release:
"Philadelphia Freedom" on Browsers in Arms compilation (.ogg format)


to hear Benito Cereno

to hear HZL

to hear tweeter


Jesse Kudler and Chandan Narayan:

excerpts from rehearsal, 10/21/06:

Kudler/Narayan 1
[5.9 MB]

Kudler/Narayan 2 [7.1 MB]

HZL with Jack Wright and Stephen Hastings-King:

 live, 1/27/06 [23.5 MB]

[recorded by Eugene Lew]

       older JK solo:

excerpts from performances:

Los Angeles, 8/7/05 [4.3 MB]

St. Louis 1, 8/11/05 [3.8 MB]

St. Louis 2, 8/11/05
[3.8 MB]

Baltimore, 8/27/05 [3.7 MB]

from "Let me put my love into you.":

Excerpt (7 MB)

from "7/04":




from "I have not forgotten them":

short, small: ihave1.mp3

larger: ihave1long.mp3

short, small: ihave2.mp3

larger: ihave2long.mp3

from "Please don't confront me with my failures":

short, smaller file: please1.mp3

larger file: please1long.mp3

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